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My name is Thái Nguyễn Hoài Thiên, a Web Developer

First, please allow me to refer to myself as you throughout the content of this personal website. I am very honored for your interest in my personal and work. I am a child of the West, educated in the environment of Can Tho University, majoring in Software Technology.

I am an extrovert, very lucky that when I graduated, I was able to work at a corporation in my hometown of Tra Vinh. Here I learned a lot of experience in the field, management, human resources and operations.

Having gone through a process from probationary employee (2 months), website programmer (5 years) and now project manager, I am quite confident in my ability to develop a project from the initial stage. come up with ideas to produce an actual product and commercialize that product.


What I Do??



My Education

2000 - 2012

Formal Training

Lê Văn Tám - Lý Tự Trọng - Phạm Thái Bường

I am lucky to have parents who are civil servants/state employees. They left me a valuable asset, which is the knowledge and way of life trained during my 18 years of living. Although our circumstances were not too perfect, my younger brother and I both studied at beautiful and good schools in Tra Vinh Town (Now Tra Vinh City) such as Le Van Tam Primary School, Ly Tu Secondary School. Trong, Pham Thai Buong High School.

2012 - 2016

Software technology

Can Tho University

This was the period of studying at Can Tho University, where I had an enthusiastic youth participating in many associations and experiencing the best time of my youth.


Pentest Security for Website

Test Mentor

To serve my new role as well as the project, I was trained in Website system security with a very professional unit, this also opened the door to new security issues for me.

My Experience

2016 - 2019

Website Developer

RYNAN Technologies Vietnam

This is the stage of learning professional skills related to developing a professional website.

2019 - 2021

Website team Developer

RYNAN Technologies Vietnam

This is the stage when I am trusted with the responsibility of managing the website development team. This is also the stage where I learn more about things related to Websites such as how to set up a system on a virtual machine, how to install the machine. virtual machine, how to secure that virtual machine, network model, draw logic diagram, logic diagram for the system,...

2021 - Hiện tại

VDAES Team Leader

RYNAN Technologies Vietnam

At this stage, I learned more about how to build a team from a Website team to a project team. My main job at this stage is to ensure the VDAPES (Viet Nam Digital Agriculture Plaform Eco-System) project. This solution was developed on schedule and commercialized. But that doesn't stop me from starting to code.

My Skills

Web Design 85%

Team Management 90%

Project Development 85%

Security 75%




Số 323, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Khóm 8,
Phường 7, Thành Phố Trà Vinh.
Tỉnh Trà Vinh

(+84)9 4848 0919

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